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Design Aluminum Liquid Battery Cooling System for Hybrid Electric Aircraft

Alloy: 3003/6061
Application : Battery Cooling System for Hybrid Electric Aircraft
Sample: available
MOQ: 5pcs
  • TR-CY-T126

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT126

Water Liquid-Based Battery Cooling Tube Plate for Small Electric Pickup Truck

The aluminum cooling channels is designed for cylindrical cells. According to the size of the cells size , battery module layout and heat dissipation effect , we can design and make bettery solution for your electric cars. Water / glycol as the coolant flow in the micro channels. it will take away the excess heat and keep the battery module in safe temperature range to guarantee the driving safety.Whatever for four wheels commercial cars, heavy duty trucks, minibus, electric cargo trucks,we can give our suggestion for your battery cooling system design. And our advantage is tooling development, making all kinds of heat exchanger , assistance in parts design and one-stop solution service .


Liquid-cooled tube for battery module
As your design
Cooling type
Liquid cooling
Cooling tube / connectors
Applicable energy cars

Classic commercial motor vehicle / Commercial motor vehicle(CMV)/Electric tractor trailer trucks/Electric freight trucks/ Electric industrial trucks/Electric pickup truck/ Electric School Bus

Liquid cold plate type
cold plate cooling plate for EV, stamped cold plate for ESS,harmonica shaped cooling tube plate , EV battery snake cooling tube ,aluminum roll bonded plate

*****Key point of design

1-Specify the battery type: cylindrical cells / square cells or prismatic cells/ soft battery or pouch cells

2-Module boundary dimensions

3-Heat dissipation requirement

4-Design and prototype budget

5-All heat exchanger choice such as the connectors,plastic quick connectors,battery cooling plate installation

Company Information

We, Trumony aluminium limited is committed to providing clean aluminium solution to the market. “Through the discovery and creation, to bring value to customers” is the company philosophy.”Trust in Harmony” is the company culture. Now, Through years of developing, now we are widely engaged in transportation, heat exchange,cable,packaging,construction,electronics,environmental protection and other files,apart from our current production, we are also actively developing new aluminium material and searching for customers solutions which is best suited for different industries to meet the precise needs of customers. Future we hope through our daily work, we could promote environmental protection, reduce social cost,promote employment and family harmony,thus our own value could also be realized.

1. What battery module cooling solution you can provide ?
A: We have 4 kinds of battery cooling type for your battery pack. Aluminum snake tube for cylindrical shaped of cells. Aluminum brazed cooled plate for prismatic cells ,aluminum micro channel plates for pouches and aluminum roll bonded panels .

2.What the alloy and temper of your water cooling plate ?
A:The aluminum alloy is 3000,6000 and temper is O-H112.

3.What the process technology to do the cold plate or coolant channles ?
A:Aluminum extrusion process , vacuum brazing process, roll bonded process and we also have CNC center.

4.Do you support customized prototype for battery pack module ?
A:Sure, we can produce the aluminum liquid cooling plate as your design. If just at the development stage, our existing cooled plate heat sinks are available for checking.

If you are interested in our aluminum cooling plate for battery energy storage system , pls send iqnuiry to us and we can arrange online meeting to discuss more details about the liquid cooling plates~~

18650 Battery Pack cooling solution

Cooling Tube 28

21700 battery straight cooling ribbon

Cooling Tube 16

Prismatic battery aluminum stamping cold plates for EV /ESS

Liquid Cooling Plate for ESS (5)

Aluminum cooling channel plate

liquid cooling plate (1)

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