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High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Cooling System Aluminum Cooling Ribbon

Our company designs, makes and distributes heat exchangers for battery packs, which carrying cylindrical cells, prismatic cells or pouches.
  • TR-T22137

  • Trumony

  • TR-T22137

High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Cooling System Aluminum Cooling Ribbon 


 Lithium battery cooling channel tube for EV  / Snake cooling tube


 According to your module


Extrusion, welding, brazing, coating..

Spare parts

Quick connector, water line fitting, water distributor, manifold, inlet, outlet etc.


 Extrusion, Waving shape, fixture tooling 

Our Advantages:

  1. Simulation-assisted flow path design for pressure drop, flow rate and heat distribution

  2. Proven solutions for both prismatic and cylindrical cells

  3. Capability in doing DVP with client

  4. Fast support in Prototype making

  5. Experience integrating manifolds, tubes, and thermal interface materials

  6. Aid in cooling components design feasibility 

  7. Experience in design and fabrication of large size plates


Q: What kind of cooling plate you can provide? 

 A: 1) Stamped type water cooling plate for prismatic cells / battery pack.
     2) Extrusion aluminum cooling ribbon for cylindrical cells, such as 21700, 18650, 3270, 4680 big cell.

     3) Harmonica tube with manifold for soft battery pack.  

     4) Roll bonded cooling plate for heating / cooling. 

     5) FSW cold plate

Q: What should I provide if we didn't have design? 

A: We have a strong and experienced design team. We are good at providing design service. kindly let us know following items:

1) Type of cells 

2) Work temperature 

3) Inlet temperature 

4) Media 

6) Inlet flow rate

Q: OEM/ODM available?

A: Yes,we can!

Q: Could you provide sample?

A: Yes, We are honored to offer you samples for quality check.

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