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3003 Alloy Aluminum Extruded Multiport Serpentine Water Cooling Tube for Automotive 18650 Battery

Automobile Extruded Microchannel Serpentine Aluminum Cooling Tube are made by extruded aluminum micro channel tube and shaped through folded,forming and welding . The aluminum serpentine tube are widely adopted for EV battery cooling of electromobile /electric vehicle/new energy automobile/vehicle/car. This cooling tube is suitable for cylindrical batteries such as 18650,21700 and 46800. Certainly, we also have aluminum water liquid cooling plate for prismatic batteries.
  • TR-CY-T006

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT006

As battery thermal management is very critical in an operation of EV. 

Here are a few things we are good at:

1. Tooling development — we do it in house, so we can make initial testing prompt and accurate.
2. Making all kinds of heat exchangers — we can do customized shape, to make the parts fit into different packs.
3. Assistance in parts design — we have experienced engineer team, they can provide professional suggestions regarding feasibility of carrying out new designs.

Cooling plate typeCell type
Aluminum snake tube21700 or 18650 or 4680 cells
Aluminum water cooling plate prismatic cells
Aluminum plate channel tubepouches

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