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Extruded Bend Serpentine Water Cooling Plate EV Battery Pack Liquid Cooling Use

  • TR-B-221115

  • Trumony

  • Trumony221115

Extruded bend serpentine water cooling plate EV battery pack liquid cooling use

Battery cooling plate is one part of battery thermal management system. It is used for battery cooling. The cooling plate can be made by extrusion or stamping. Our battery cooling plate or battery cooling tube can be used for cylindrical and prismatic cell cooling.

Our battery cooling plate or battery cooling tube have inside channels, coolant will run inside to cool down the battery cell. We have snake water cooling tube, it is wavy snake shape, attached to cylindrical cell, such as 18650 2170 and 4680. We also have flat water cooling plate used for prismatic cell. Our cooling plate can be one side flat or double side flat, touching the cell for cooling. Water cooling tube and water cooling plate can be used as side cooling and bottom cooling, It has better heat exchange rate than air cooling.

What is the process of the liquid cold plate?

1. Raw materials and accessories entering the factory 2. Pre-spraying 3. Laser spot welding 4. Furnace brazing 5. Internal purging 6. Air flow resistance test 7. Surface cleaning 8. Air tightness helium inspection 9. Calibration

10. Plane Inspection 11. Installation accessories 12. Final inspection 13. Packaging, warehousing, and shipping

Our advantages

1. Proofing cost is low and fast delivery

2. We can deliver from the design and development to the assembly, which includes our own liquid cooling components and pipelines, water coolers, etc.

3. We have done a lot of cases and have rich experience

Company introduction

Our company is an expert in the thermal management industry, not only doing design and development of liquid cooling, but also a supplier of liquid cooling materials, components and assemblies. Specifically, it is power battery pack heat exchange parts, energy storage battery pack heat exchange parts, high heat flux heat exchange parts and new liquid cooling heat exchange parts, power battery liquid cooling assembly (cold plate or elbow, box, chiller, Joints, pipelines, heat-conducting silicone pads), household energy storage assemblies (cold plates or elbows, joints, pipelines, fans, heat-conducting silicone pads, condensers, expansion kettles, solenoid valves, water pumps, inverters), industrial Energy storage assembly (liquid cooling plate + tray or integrated tray, pipeline, water cooler, heat conductive silicone pad).

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