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Heat Teansfer Tube Aluminum Microchannel Multiport Tube for Radiator

Microchannel is a coil type used in many evaporator, condenser coils and radiators.
  • TR-T22099
  • Trumony

Heat Teansfer Tube Aluminum Microchannel Multiport Tube for Radiator

The microchannel tube is also named aluminum flat tube, which is wildely used in the automotive industry or HVAC industry and is used for radiators and automotive A/C condenser coils. Besides multiports tube,  the fins stock is essential parts of condenser.  We both can provide. 

End application of Multiport Tube:

1) Condensers
2) Evaporators
3) Oil coolers
4) Heater cores

5) Refrigerator

6) Air conditioner

5)Electrical Vehicle battery cooling, such as serpentine tube/snake tube

Parts of our mold: (Lots of mold have in stock) 



  • Standard and Custom Aluminum Flat Tube in Stock

  • Lots of Available Molds Tooling

  • One-Stop Shopping Service


CNC, extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straigtening machine, cutting machine

Products' features:

1) Lower energy costs
2) Higher performance
3) Less space and weight
4) High corrosion and pressure resistance
5) High recycling value
6) Pressure drop and silent solution
7) Available in various sizes, large width and thin wall thickness.
8) Dimensions: Designed to customer specification

9) Good forming and bending performance. 

10) Package: Cut to size or in coil with standard export seaworthy package

11)Surface Treatment : Zinc spray / without Zinc spray/flux coating

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