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Parallel Flow Aluminum Microchannel Tube for Automobile Radiators

Micro-channel aluminum flat tube is the key material for the new generation of parallel-flow micro-channel air-conditioning heat exchangers.
  • TR-T22164

  • Trumony

  • TR-T22164

Parallel Flow Aluminum Microchannel Tube for Automobile Radiators 

Item Aluminum microchannel flat tube 
Width 12~40mm
Thickness 1.2~10mm
Mold tooling Various mold tooling is available. If you have own drawing, we are able to produce as your design
Surface treatment  Zinc spraying


1. Hot extrusion from refined aluminum ingot

2. Zinc spraying

3. Automatic coil formation

4. Coiled material

5. Coil unfolding and adjust

6. Fixed-length tube formation 

Multiport Tube is widely used for varieties kinds of aluminum heat exchangers:

· Refrigerators

· Air conditioners

· Condensers

· Freezers

· Evaporators

· Gas ovens

· Car radiators

· Heat exchanger

· HVAC and R systems

· Infrared detectors

· Microelectronics

· Power and process industries

· Aerospace

· Bioengineering

· Powerful laser mirrors


  • Standard and Custom Aluminum Micro-channel Tube in Stock

  • Lots of Available Molds Tooling

  • One-Stop Shopping Service

Equipment: CNC, extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straigtening machine,

cutting machine

Products' features:

Large width

Thin wall thickness

More ports

High surface finish

Large refrigerant flow

Large contact area

Large heat exchange capacity

Good corrosion resistance

Good forming and bending performance

Small deviation range and high surface quality 


extruded tube 09

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