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Large Ultra-thin Water-cooling Plate Brazed Liquid-cooled Panel for Marine Battery Using

Trumony designs, makes and distribute cooling plate for battery pack, which carrying prismatic cell, cylindrical cell and soft battery pack.
Our cooling plate widely use in Electric Vehicle/ New Energy Automobile/ Heavy duty/ Cars/ Marine battery cooling system.
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Large Ultra-thin Water-cooling Plate Brazed Liquid-cooled Panel for Marine Battery Using


Liquid cooling system components include battery cooler, electronic expansion valve, electronic water pump, battery valve, liquid cooling plate, etc.

battery cooling solution

Compared to conventional heat pipes, liquid-cooled plates enable direct heat transfer over large planes, resulting in more efficient heat transfer. Liquid-cooled panels are made of aluminium alloy and various insulating media. Safety hazards in electrical applications are eliminated.

As a professional thermal management company in the ESS/EV industry, Trumony continuously researches and optimizes the thermal runaway problem of battery packs, and has professional research and manufacturing capabilities. We have reached strategic cooperation with many new energy companies at home and abroad. Provided very professional assistance in design and designed an integrated solution for thermal management, thus effectively reducing lead time and total cost. It has won unanimous praise from customers. To learn more about Trumony battery pack solutions, visit our battery pack solutions or get in touch online!

Battery cooling solutions


Q: What kind of battery cold plate can you provide? 


1) Stamped cooling plate for prismatic cells / battery pack.
2) Serpentine tube for cylindrical cells, such as 21700, 18650, 3270, 4680 big cell.

3) Extruded tube with manifold for soft battery pack.

4) Roll bond cooling plate for heating / cooling.

5)CNC machined cooled panel. 

Q: What method of processing technology? 

A: We have brazing line, stamping line, extrusion line, and roll boned process line. Also CNC centre is available.  

Q: If we don't have design, can you assist in design? 

A: Yes, we can! We have a strong and experienced design team. Flow path design, thermal simulation, mechanical simulation and design optimation are support. Kindly share with us your detail project, service8@trumony.com, we'd love to do DFM for you. 

Q: How fast you can make prototype? 

A: About 3~5wks. The precise lead time will depends on your design and producing process. 

Q:What is the accuracy of liquid-cooled plate flatness?

For our liquid-cooled board products, in general the flatness and precision state of the module can be less than 0.5mm locally and less than 1.5mm overall (from metal stress). 

Q:What surface treatment process you can do?

In the surface treatment process of the liquid-cooled board, we use a spraying process (to ensure insulation) or apply a thermal conductive silicone pad (to ensure thermal conductivity).

About us

Founded in 2006, is a leading supplier of critcal heat transfer material for automobile and industrial cooling sectors. Using advanced equipment and technology, Trumony Aluminum Ltd provides products cover 1,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 series aluminum alloy, brazing aluminum fins, steel/aluminum cladded tubes, high frequency welded tubes and headers and so on many varietes, many specificatons of the product series.