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Zero Co2 Emmision Prismatic Battery Pack Electric Racing Car Lithium Ion Battery Stamping Water Cooling Plate

  • TR-B-221216

  • Trumony

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Zero Co2 Emmision Prismatic Battery Pack Electric Racing Car Lithium Ion Battery Stamping Water Cooling Plate

What is water cooling plate?

In the power battery system, the battery generates excess heat. The heat is transferred through the contact between the battery or the module and the surface of the plate-type aluminum accessories and is finally taken away by the cooling fluid passing through the internal flow channel of this accessory. This plate-shaped aluminum accessory is a liquid-cooling plate.

Trumony liquid  cooling plate advantages

The heat dissipation is good, and the excess heat generated during the working process of the power battery can be transferred in time to avoid excessive temperature rise;

High reliability. Working in the road vehicle environment, vibration, shock, high and low temperature alternating environment, are relatively harsh working conditions for most products, and the power battery voltage is often hundreds of volts, coolant leakage is a serious problem, even if you use Coolant with good insulation performance, but the insulation performance will be reduced immediately after encountering external impurities, so the reliability of cold plate sealing is very important;

Precise heat dissipation design to avoid excessive temperature difference in the system is due to the performance requirements of the lithium battery itself, and the performance and aging of the battery are closely related to the working temperature;

The customization design and manufacture capability of water cooling plate -Trumony

The liquid cooling solution has significant comprehensive advantages in ensuring the safety of the energy storage system and heat dissipation efficiency. The liquid cooling scheme uses cooling liquid such as water. The evenly distributed flow path on the liquid cooling plate arecontact with the battery cell to dissipate heat.

Trumony customizes the number of flow channels, flow rate, and flow rate based on actual applications. For example, the cold plate of the liquid-cooled plate-type liquid-cooled system needs to be jointly developed and designed with customers to confirm the selection and matching before manufacturing. It can be close to the heat source and cool efficiently; compared with the container air-cooled solution of the same capacity, it does not need to design air ducts and saves more than 50% of the area, and is more suitable for large-scale energy storage power stations above 100 MW in the future.

Specific services below:

Specific service for Power battery pack

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