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18650 Cylindrical Battery Pack Electric Motorcycle Liquid Cooling Ribbon Snake Tube

  • TR-B-221117
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  • Trumony221117

18650 cylindrical battery pack electric Motorcycle liquid cooling ribbon snake tube

The cooling tube and runner are formed in one shape through the extrusion and drawing process. Then the bending die is used to make the bent tube fit to the cell according to the cell size.

Snake tube specification


aluminum extrusion water cooling plate


3003 aluminum alloy

Processing methods

Extrusion/Stamping+ brazing


customized as different battery packs


EV includes sports car/ roadster,lorry, trucks,sedan, tricycle

How do you make serpentine tubes?

Bending and forming Detailed process as follows.

1. Raw materials, accessories into the factory 2. nozzle processing, cleaning, testing 3. flat tube pre-bending 4. flat tube end cutting 5. wave forming 6. degreasing cleaning 7. assembly 8. welding 9. surface cleaning 10. internal cleaning 11. airflow resistance test 12. calibration 13. helium inspection 14. paste thermal conductive silica gel 15. surface treatment (wipe glue, deburring) 16. dry inspection 17. final inspection 18. packaging, warehousing, shipping


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