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Aluminum Air Battery Fuel Cell Communication Emergency Power Supply Power Station

Aluminum fuel communications emergency power supply is a self-developed aluminum alloy company used in communications base station backup power supply. It uses constant power output, with a rated output power of 6000W and a maximum power of 6600W. Its power storage High, long single operation time, long-term power supply can be realized by quickly changing fuel to meet the needs of base station.
  • XLSY-6000

  • Trumony Energy

Aluminum Air Battery Fuel Cell Communication Emergency  Power Station

1. Descriptions

  Aluminum air battery fuel cell communication emergency power station is independently developed and produced by our company, and is mainly used as a backup power supply for communication base stations. It could support constant power output, the rated output power is 6000W, and a maximum power is 6600W.

  Aluminum air battery is a new technology which used aluminum sheets as anode and graphene as cathode to generate electricity. It has a high power storage capacity and a long single operation time. This aluminum air battery device can achieve long-term power supply and meet the needs of base stations by quickly replacing aluminum plates. It is suitable for remote areas without electricity, such as islands, remote villages, communication base stations, and mountain tops.

2. Specifications



Store electrical energy


Rated voltage


Rated power


Voltage output range


Output text


Storage environment temperature range


Storage life

More than 10 years

Life span


Start Time





3. Applications

1.5G Communication base station
2.Commercial emergency power supply

3.Military power supply

4.Other areas without electricity


4. Advantages

1. High energy, high power storage, long working hours

  The energy of the aluminum air battery is more than 500Wh/kg. It adopts a modular design. A single 3KW cabinet can theoretically store 50kwh, which can run smoothly for a long time.

2. Long-term storage, low maintenance cost

  Aluminum fuel cells generate electricity by consuming aluminum plates, which can be stored for a long time  without energy loss ,and they are maintenance-free for at least 5 years.

3. Weak noise, low infrared, safe and reliable

  The noise generated by the equipment is less than 65dB, and the temperature is less than 55 degrees. It is rely on aluminum plates and water to generate electricity, So there is absolutely no risk of combustion and explosion.

4. Green and environmental protection, recycling

  The reaction product of the equipment is aluminum hydroxide, which can be recycled or sintered into aluminum oxide, and the aluminum oxide can be used to make semiconductors, plastic filling materials, crucibles and other raw materials.

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