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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module -YS VI Series

The fuel cell module power generation system is internally integrated with boost DC / DC, air filter, air subsystem, cold removal subsystem and hydrogen subsystem. It is mainly used in medium and large buses, medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks, tractors and other vehicles.
  • YS VI series

  • Trumony Technology

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module -YS VI Series

1. Descriptions  

  Ys-2s stack has a power of 15 kw-150 kw and is mainly used in the transportation scene of medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The volume power density in the end plate is up to 4.2 kw / L, which is comparable to metal plate stack and ultra-thin graphite composite plate. It adopts ultra-thin graphite composite plate technology and has applied for PCT patent. Its thickness is only 1 / 2-1 / 3 of that of traditional graphite plate, realizing low hydrogen cycle ratio < 50%, Low humidification requirement 40% @ 70c; Proprietary material and structural design to meet the requirements of long service life and multiple cycles.

2. Specifications


≤0.73 m3/kWh

Maximum output powe

150 kW

Volume specific powe

4.2 kW/L

Operating temperature

70~85 ℃

Start time

2 min


3. Applications

  Hydrogen fuel cells have a wide range of applications, can be used for island power generation, on-board stacks, operating vehicles, trucks, etc..

           图片3     图片4

                                        42 t tractor                                                                 31 t muck truck

4. Core technology

1. Membrane electrode

1. Material advantage: A series of catalyst materials with low platinum, high performance and long service life.

2. Application: Fuel cell vehicle and standby power supply.

3. Membrane electrode technology launching: Cooperate with Shaanxi coal and Chemical Technology Research Institute.


5. Advantages

1. High efficiency

  The power generation efficiency of fuel cells can reach more than 50%, which is determined by the conversion properties of fuel cells, It’s directly convert chemical energy into electrical energy without the need for intermediate conversion of thermal energy and mechanical energy (generator).


2. Environmentally friendly

  Due to the high energy conversion efficiency of the fuel cell, its carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by more than 40% compared to the heat engine process. The hydrogen fuel cell uses pure hydrogen as fuel, and its chemical reaction product is only water, which does not pollute the environment.


3. Simple structure, high reliability

  Hydrogen fuel cell is different from battery, the power and capacity of fuel cells can be easily adjusted. It can provide a higher energy density, and can regenerate electricity by supplementing with hydrogen, without the need for a long time charging process for ordinary batteries.


4. No noise

  The fuel cell runs quietly, and the noise is only about 55dB, which is equivalent to the level of people's normal conversation. This makes the fuel cell suitable for indoor installation, or in places where noise is restricted outdoors.

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