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Customized High Performance Green Solution EV Battery Pack Extrusion Cooling Snake Tube

  • TR-B-211130

  • Trumony

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Customized High Performance green solution EV battery pack  extrusion cooling snake tube

 What is water cooling plate?

In the power battery system, the cells generates excess heat. The heat is transferred through the contact between the battery or the module and the surface of the aluminum heat exchange material, and is finally taken away by the cooling fluid passing through the internal flow channel of the plate. This plate-shaped/ snake wavy shaped aluminum device is a liquid cold plate.

As a component of the entire battery pack, the water-cooled plate or a dielectric sheet with good thermal conductivity is sandwiched between the cells to become a part of the module to achieve better heat dissipation.

Optimization and design of water cooling plate:

The water cooling plate is a high-efficiency component that controls the temperature of the power module so that it does not exceed the maximum temperature under the working environment. The calculation of the maximum allowable temperature is based on the finite element thermal analysis and the analysis of the working conditions of components, and is consistent with the reliability requirements of the product and the requirements of the use environment, so as to achieve the purpose of safe, stable and reliable operation of the power module and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

The heat transfer performance of the water-cooled plate is mainly related to the convective heat transfer coefficient and the uniformity of the surface temperature of the heat source. Whether the heat transfer of the water-cooled plate is fast enough, whether the surface temperature is uniform, and whether there is a large local temperature difference are all indicators to judge the performance of the water-cooling plate. The convective heat transfer coefficient can be enhanced by adjusting the width of the flow channel inside the water-cooled plate. The narrower the width, the greater the flow rate of the coolant, and the higher the natural convective heat transfer coefficient.

What Trumony can help?

For passenger, commercial, and logistics vehicles, heavy equipment and other power battery application, our project team will provide exploration, design, simulation, optimization, molding, proofing, delivering, system integration and after-sale services according to the actual requirements of customers, which can be temperature difference, pressure drop, pressure resistance, internal flow channels and external connectors, etc. And brazed cold plates, machined cold plates, serpentine tubes, battery boxes and so on can be the end-product forms.

What we have?

Water cooling plate design team

water cooling plate design team

Manufacture capability

water cooling plate manufacture euqipmentswater cooling plate manufacture euqipments

Rich experience

Company introduction

Trumony Aluminum Limited which was founded in 2007 is headquartered in Suzhou, a traditional cultural and commercial hub. "Helping technology get off the ground and helping customers succeed" is its mission. "Adhering to the concept of green development and continuously contributing to the global carbon neutrality goal" is its long-term vision. Customer-centric, striver-oriented, embracing change based on tradition, and harmoniously developing, are the values that Trumony always sticks to.

Trumony has 100,000 square meters of standard workshops and high-standard testing centers and laboratories, which have passed ISO9001, TS16949 quality management systems respectively.

Trumony brings real value to customers with lean production management, strict and stable quality system and consultative market service.

Trumony mainly provides customers with thermal management related services and products. Its services include battery thermal management solutions, liquid cooling system development, liquid cooling system design, liquid cooling materials, liquid cooling components, and liquid cooling assemblies. For products mainly include liquid-cooling components for power battery packs,liquid-cooling components for energy storage battery packs, liquid-cooling components for high heat flux density heat exchange, and new liquid-cooling heat exchange components. These products are matched for many domestic users and exported to 56 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Russia.

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