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Extrusion Micro-channel Prismatic Battery Side Cooling Bottom Cooling Liquid Cooling Plate

  • TR-B-221117

  • Trumony

  • Trumony211117

Extrusion micro-channel prismatic battery side cooling bottom cooling liquid cooling plate

Provide micro-channel flat tubes match for battery pack space by extrusion and drawing technology.

Design flow channels according to strength and heat transfer requirements.

Single or multiple flat tubes are welded to the header (manifold), and the water inlet and outlet are respectively diverted through the header (manifold). The inlet is processed by CNC. Suitable for bottom and side heat exchange of prismatic batteries


Outline envelope dimensions: 1020mm×800mm×53mm

Component: Extruded profiles + quick coonectors

Material: 3003 aluminum alloy

Connection method: brazing

Company introduction

Our company is an expert in the thermal management industry, not only doing design and development of liquid cooling, but also a supplier of liquid cooling materials, components and assemblies. Specifically, it is power battery pack heat exchange parts, energy storage battery pack heat exchange parts, high heat flux heat exchange parts and new liquid cooling heat exchange parts, power battery liquid cooling assembly (cold plate or elbow, box, chiller, Joints, pipelines, heat-conducting silicone pads), household energy storage assemblies (cold plates or elbows, joints, pipelines, fans, heat-conducting silicone pads, condensers, expansion kettles, solenoid valves, water pumps, inverters), industrial Energy storage assembly (liquid cooling plate + tray or integrated tray, pipeline, water cooler, heat conductive silicone pad).

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