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Maintenance Free Seawater Clean Energy Aluminium Air Battery

Maintenance Free Seawater Clean Energy Aluminium Air Battery , clean energy aluminium air battery, high power aluminium air battery, easy carry aluminium air battery
  • XLSY-500
  • Trumony Energy

Maintenance Free Sea water Clean Energy Aluminium Air Battery



  Aluminum air batteries generate electricity from the reaction of oxygen in the air and aluminum. Their energy density has one of the highest energy densities in all batteries, but they are not widely used because of the high anode cost and the problem of removing by-products when using traditional electrolytes, which also limits their uses. Military applications. However, aluminum batteries for electric vehicles have the potential for up to eight times the mileage range of lithium-ion batteries and a significantly lower total weight.


Aluminum plate

18 pieces/set

Working temperature


Working environment temperature


Storage temperature


Working liquid volume

4500 mL~7000 mL

Module weight

16 kg

Module size


Liquid flow rate

≥ 4L

Aluminum plate Can be replaced
Cooling method Silent fan air cooling

As of voltage


Maximum current


Rated voltage


Rated current


Rated power


Maximum power



KOH solution



1.Low noise

  The noice of startup operation is below 50dB, and it can be used quietly in the community all day long to avoid disturbing people.

2.Big capacity

  The current power product can store power of 50-100kwh, which can supply the base station with uninterrupted power supply for 25h, reducing the manual handling   cost of diesel generator.

3.Power adjustable

  Modular design of power supply, according to the base station electricity data, can allocate the power of aluminum fuel power, save cost.

4.Maintenance free

  The storage time of aluminum fuel power is long, and the maintenance and   replacement of equipment are not needed for ten years, which saves the   maintenance cost.

5.Remote control

  All base station aluminum fuel power supply can be remote monitoring power   consumption and maintenance, real-time feedback, digital, unmanned management.

6.Safe and reliable

  Aluminum fuel power mainly consists of water medium and aluminum plate for power generation, which is not flammable and explosive, and safe for storage and   transportation.

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