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Heat Exchangers for Automotive Battery Cooling Cold Plates

Process: aluminum punching plate
Thickness: 5-8mm
Material : 3003
  • TR-CY-T149

  • Trumony

  • TRCYT149

Heat Exchangers for Automotive Battery Cooling Cold Plates

Battery thermal management system is one of the key technologies to deal with the problems related to battery heating and ensure the performance, safety and life of power batteries. The main features of the thermal management system include:
(1) Effective heat dissipation when the battery temperature is high to prevent thermal runaway accidents;
(2) Preheat when the battery temperature is low, increase the battery temperature, and ensure the charging, discharging performance and safety at low temperatures;
(3) Reduce the temperature difference in the battery pack, inhibit the formation of local hot zones, prevent the battery from decaying too quickly at high temperature positions, and reduce the overall life of the battery pack. For some special occasions, the traditional air cooling has been unable to meet the needs of battery heat dissipation, the need to use water cooling system heat dissipation, excellent water cooling plate technology and related pipeline connection technology to ensure that it is at the right temperature to operate.


Battery cooling heat exchanger
Cooling Type
Liquid cooling
New energy vehicle, air conditioner, wine cabinet,refrigerator

New Energy Automotive Liquid Cold Plate For Lithium Ion Battery Pack:

1-Aluminum vacuum brazing cold plate

2-Aluminum micro channel plate

3-Roll bonded cold plate

4-Plate-fin Type Heat Exchanger Liquid Cold Plate

5-Aluminum snake tube

1. What battery module cooling solution you can provide ?
A: We have 4 kinds of battery cooling type for your battery pack. Aluminum snake tube for cylindrical shaped of cells. Aluminum brazed cooled plate for prismatic cells ,aluminum micro channel plates for pouches and aluminum roll bonded panels .

2.What the alloy and temper of your water cooling plate ?
A:The aluminum alloy is 3000,6000 and temper is O-H112.

3.What the process technology to do the cold plate or coolant channles ?
A:Aluminum extrusion process , vacuum brazing process, roll bonded process and we also have CNC center.

4.Do you support customized prototype for battery pack module ?
A:Sure, we can produce the aluminum liquid cooling plate as your design. If just at the development stage, our existing cooled plate heat sinks are available for checking.

If you are interested in our aluminum cooling plate for electric battery battery pack , pls send iqnuiry to us and we can arrange online meeting to discuss more details~~

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