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Heat Resistant Silicone Pads Safely Withstand High Temperatures In EV Battery


Heat Resistant Silicone Pads Safely Withstand High Temperatures In EV Battery

Heat dissipation and thermal management are growing issues in the design of electric vehicles (EVs) and their components. Within the battery pack, heat is generated during the operation of the battery. However, batteries operate more efficiently and retain their capacity longer if their environment is maintained within a narrow range of temperature. There are different ways in which thermal pads are used in battery modules. This material provides the conformability needed to maintain contact between the EV battery and the heat sink.

Excellent thermal conductivity in the vertical  1– 12 W/mK
Good flexibility & compression ratio
Environmentally friendly, does not contain any toxic ingredients
Flexible and can be easily bent and trim to customized sizes
Heat resistant up to 250°C

Installation Recommendation:

1. Clean surfaces from dirt and other possible residue. 2. Remove one of the protective layers and place the exposed side of the thermal pad facing the surface of the chip. Once positioned gently press on it to make it stick.


1. Can I get free sample?

A1: Yes, TRUMONYTECHS is glad to offer free samples. Such as 2W/m*k, 0.3~6mm(thinckness), 10~450(width), 10~1200(length), 10~20(pcs)

2. How could I get a sample?

A2:  Before we received the first order, please afford the sample cost and express fee. We will return the sample cost back to you within your first order.

3. Sample time?

A3: Within 10-30 days.

4. Whether you could make our brand on your products?

A4: Yes. We can print your Logo on both the products and the packages if you can meet our MOQ.

5. Whether you could make your products by our color?

A5: Yes, The color of products can be customized if you can meet our MOQ.

6. How to guarantee the quality of your products?

A6: Strict detection during production; Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.

7. Do you accept R & D assignments?

A7: Yes, as long as we can do products, we can according to Your Design Requirements of individual R & D.