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TRUMONY EV Battery Pack 1~10w/m*k Self Adhesive Thermal Pad Insulation Thermal Materials

Our thermal conductivity can make 1.5~10w/m*k, with more than 0.4mm thickness,
Excellent thermal conductivity, insulation and compression resilience performance.
  • Trumony

1.Product introduction

The thermal conductive pad is generally located between the liquid cooling plate and the cell pole, which can effectively exclude air and achieve good filling and thermal conductivity effects. In addition, it also has good insulation and voltage resistance characteristics and temperature stability, safe and reliable use. thermal conductive pads are also widely used in communication equipment, network terminals, data transmission, LED, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, medical devices, military, aerospace and other fields.

2 Advantages of thermal pads:

2.1The thermal conductivity is adjustable and the thermal conductivity stability is better

2.2 The process difference in the structure is closed, and the process difference requirements of the radiator and the cooling structure are reduced.

2.3 It is easy to install, test and reuse.

2.4 The material is soft, good compression performance, good thermal conductivity and insulation performance, the thickness of the adjustable range is relatively large, suitable for filling the cavity, both sides have natural viscosity, operability and maintainability.

Thermal Interface Material (4)

3.Technological Parameters:

Thermal Pads Series

Item No.

Thermal Conductivity



(Shore 00)









Flame Rating


301-0150 1.5 5~80 1.8 10 10^12 V0
301-0200 2 5~80 2 10 10^12 V0
301-0300 3 15~80 3.0 8 10^12 V0
301-0400 4 15~80 3.3 8 10^12 V0
301-0600 6 20~80 3.5 8 10^12 V0
301-0800 8 30~80 3.6 8 10^12 V0
301-1000 10 30~80 3.3 6 10^12 V0
301-1200 12 30~80 3.2 6 10^12 V0


A)    How could I get a sample?

Before we received the first order, please afford the sample cost and express fee. We will return the sample cost back to you within your first order.

B)     Sample time?

Within 30 days.

C) Whether you could make our brand on your products? Yes. We can print your Logo on both the products and the packages if you can meet our MOQ.

D) Whether you could make your products by our color? Yes, The color of products can be customized if you can meet our MOQ.

E) How to guarantee the quality of your products?

1) Strict detection during production.

2) Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.

F) : Do you accept R & D assignments?

Yes, as long as we can do products, we can according to Your Design Requirements of individual R & D.

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