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Low CTE best 4047 aluminum plate sheet for phone

Color:silver. Width:Max 2600mm. Length:Max 1200mm, Thickness:over 0.15mm. Material: 4047 aluminum alloy. MOQ:2 tons
Use place:
  • TR-J0001
  • 7606

Low CTE best 4047 aluminum plate sheet for phone

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Mechanical property of Low CTE 4047 Aluminum sheet for phone :

Alloy code Temper Tensile Strength Rm(Mpa) Yield Strength Rp0.2(Mpa) Elongation




TR141,TR150,TR151,TR156 etc

O 95~135* ≥35* ≥15*
H14 140~185 ≥125 ≥1.5
H24 140~185 ≥125 ≥3
H16 185~225 ≥160 ≥1
H18 ≥185 - ≥0.5
TR166 etc tube material H24 185~235 ≥150 ≥8
TR116,TR316 etc tube material H14 140~185 ≥125 ≥3

H24 140~185 ≥125 ≥8

Title goes here:

1) Alloy : 4047
2)Temper:H14, H16 H18, H24 etc
3) Thickness: Thinnest 0.15 mm
4) Width: Max 2600mm
5)Length: ≤ 12000mm
6) Protective film can be added
7) Production Line: DC and CC production line

8) Advantage: High strength, high conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient.

9) Use place: 3C electronic to produce phone, computer, tablet computer etc

10) 4047 code can for plate, coil, strip etc

Our advantage:

1. Since 2006, we have rich experience in this aluminum plate sheet industry in China;
2. Good reputation in aluminum material industry;
3. We have our own development department for new material research;
4. Good experience and cooperation with big client in the world;
5. With Certificate ISO9001-2008;
6. High flatness;
7. Fast delivery time:15-30 days
8.  MOQ:2 tons

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