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Magnesium Air Battery LED Emergency Light

Magnesium air battery is composed of magnesium air electrode and magnesium plate module. It is a power product that does not require other chemical power sources or external network charging.
The battery uses oxygen in the air as the positive electrode material, magnesium alloy as the negative electrode material, and salt water as the electrolyte, and uses the magnesium alloy and the oxygen in the air to generate electric energy through oxidation-reduction reactions.
  • YSM-L05
  • Trumony Energy

Magnesium Air Battery LED Emergency Light 

1. Descriptions

  This  mini size portable lamp could be started promptly after you dipping it into the water(any liquid you have handy). It is widely used for outdoor camping use, household emergency use, emergency rescue light. Magnesium air battery is a self-generating device by using oxygen as anode and magnesium alloy as cathode. The Oxidation-reduction reaction occurs between magnesium alloy and oxygen to produce electric energy.

  Magnesium Air Cell is clean energy. There’s no Carbon dioxide production between the electricity process. Also the outcome of chemical reaction (magnesium oxide) is environment-friendly. It could be a good replacement of candles and reduce fire hazards.

2. Specifications







Lighting time




3. Applications

1. Emergency rescue backup power supply.

2. Backup power supply for outdoor electronic equipment.

3. Different outdoor activities, such as climbing, camping.


4. Advantages

1. Magnesium materials are easy to process and operate, and there is no problem of battery dendrite growth.

2. The melting point of magnesium is about 650 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than the melting point of 180 degrees Celsius of lithium, so it is safer and has no risk of flammability and explosion.

3. Magnesium batteries have the characteristics of high energy, small size, light weight, large capacity, long storage life, wide working range, wide application fields, large cost-effective advantages, environmental protection and pollution-free, and can be recycled twice.


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