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Self-power Generating Emergency Flashlight Salt Water Battery

Self-power generating emergency flashlight is a portable emergency lighting lamp independently designed and developed by Ningbo ALGRA new energy Co., Ltd. It uses aluminum and magnesium as fuel and reacts with air in brine medium to generate electricity. It has a water bag inside and can be illuminated by pressing. It is small in size, easy to carry, maintenance free, and can be stored for a long time. It is safe and reliable to use / store, and has no flammable and explosive danger. It is an ideal lighting spare lamp for standby emergency.
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Self-power Generating Emergency Flashlight Salt Water Battery


  This self-generating flashlight is a portable emergency lighting lamp. Unlike regular flashlights, it applies the technology of aluminum air battery. This lamp uses aluminum as anode and graphene as cathode to produce electricity itself after adding water from the bottom of its body.

  It is a small energy generator which only weighs 270g. The self-generating flashlight could be stored more than 10 years without any energy lose. Just add water and the flashlight will light up. Hence It is an ideal  spare lamp for unexpected emergency scenarios.


2. Specifications

Model and specification


Rated capacity


Operating ambient temperature


Storage ambient temperature


Total lighting time






self-generating flashlight

3. Applications

1. Outdoor activities

2. Home emergency lighting

3. Commercial lighting

4. Emergency rescue

4. Advantages

1. Safe& reliable

  The Al-air flashlight contains no explosive materials inside and it will not lead to metal pollution. What's more, after short-time immersion in water, it still works normally. This flashlight is especially suitable for outdoor activities, flood rescue.

2. Good environmental adaptability

  The working environment temperature is - 10 ~ 60 ℃. In emergency cases, sea water, vegetable soup and even urine can be added to generate electricity.

3. Maintenance-free & long storage time

  This product could be stored more than ten years without decay. It is mainly for disposable use in emergency cases and could not be recharged.


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