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10W Portable Emergency Battery USB Charging Backup Power Supply

Metal air battery hand lamp is independently developed by Ningbo ALGRA new energy Co., Ltd.. It relies on the chemical reaction of aluminum, magnesium and other metals with air in brine medium for power generation. It is suitable for emergency rescue, outdoor camping, warehouse, seaside, hotel and family reserve; It is an ideal lighting fixture for standby emergency use.
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10W  Portable Emergency Battery USB Charging  Backup Power Supply

1. Descriptions

  This 10W lamp can not only illuminate but also be a portable charger for mobile phones. It is widely used for emergency rescue, hotel and family back-up power equipment and outdoor camping. This product can generate electricity itself through mild chemical reaction. This equipment is a good supplementary or viable alternative to lithium ion battery.

   AI-air battery is a new technology which used aluminum sheet as anode and graphene as cathode to generate electricity. They have the highest energy densities of all batteries with an average of 300 Wh/kg in practical use. Aluminium–air batteries are primary cells, i.e., non-rechargeable. It is safe, stable and quiet. The chemical reaction outcome-Aluminum hydroxide is environment-friendly and can be recycled.

2. Specifications

Model & specification




Nominal capacity capacity


Operating ambient temperature


Storage ambient temperature







lighting+ USB(5V/2A)


3. Applications

1. Household emergency power supply

2. Outdoor mobile power stations

3. Field survival or outdoor activities power supply

4. Advantages

1. Easy to carry, safe to store and transport

  This production has two functions of buzzer alarm and flashing alarm with mall size which is easy to carry. This product consists of aluminum plates and graphene without any lithum, so it is not flammable and explosive.

2. High power density, long support time and super long endurance

  AI-air battery power can be stored for more than 10 years without energy loss.

3. Good environmental adaptability

  The temperature of working environment is -0℃~ 60 ℃ and power generation can be realized by adding seawater, brine, sewage and even urine.

4. It is coniventto operate and can be reused

  Replace the liquid according to the actual use situation until the Aluminum plate is consumed.


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