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Cooling Plate Battery 18650 Sports Car Roadster Heat Dissipation Cooler Plate

  • TR-B-221110

  • Trumony

  • Trumony221110

Cooling plate battery 18650 sports car roadster heat dissipation cooler plate

Due to the higher thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the liquid, liquid cooling is better in terms of temperature control.

In liquid cooling, we can control the flow of coolant and the temperature of the medium to meet different heat dissipation needs.

At present, direct liquid cooling and brief liquid cooling are two common forms. At present, the use of indirect cooling to transfer battery heat to the water-cooled plate through the flow of the coolant is the most efficient and mainstream. There are also differences in the cooling effect of placing the water-cooled plate in different module positions of the cooling system. We will customize the water cooling plate to achieve the best heat exchange effect according to the type of battery(cylindrical 21700 4680,18650,or prismatic battery pack) the layout of the battery module, and the location of the pipeline.



aluminum stamping water cooling plate


3003 aluminum alloy

Processing methods

Extrusion/Stamping+ brazing


customized as different battery packs


EV includes sports car/ roadster,lorry, trucks,sedan, tricycle


Can you realize the proposed design concepts?

Yes. Trumony is able to provide drafting service: 2D drawings and 3D digital models can be output.

Can you turn the 3D model to the physical products?

Yes. Trumony is capable to access the production feasibility of the of the models. In the early stage of design, our engineers will evaluate the structure of the model and optimize the easily damaged parts in the production.

Can you carry out performance test on product?

Yes. Trumony is able to simulate product model working in the environment required by the customer and obtain the key performance parameters through finite element solution.
Then trial costs could be reduced by improving product design efficiency.

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